Plus ça Change, arrival of our new piano!

Our new piano is arriving on Tuesday (27th June), and the Bechstein is being put out to grass, and will be given a good and loving home with our own John Cassels.  

It is very sad to lose our old piano – but this is not the first time the Club has had to deal with such a sad event.

Club Member Mollie Marcellino has recently come across a book of poems by a former President, J.W Herries, which includes a poem about the Scottish Arts Club piano (pictured below)

It is not clear when exactly the poem was written, but Mr Herries was President from 1950-52.

I am afraid your current President is not blessed with the poetic muse, but if any member feels moved to write an ode or a ditty or a sonnet to our Bechstein, it will be gratefully received and will feature on a future web page.  We could even set up a ‘Poets Corner’ so that more of our activities can be celebrated in verse.