What Art can do

Kate Enters, a London based member, founded an organisation called 'What is the Point' to promote the work of international artists. It has recently been re-branded as Art Can and, as part of  the launch, a series of teaser posters were published such as the one below.

In  April, I asked Kate to start a debate on the Point of Art and her reply is shown below the image.  As she is a regular contributor to the arts pages of Wall Street International Magazine, her voice is worth hearing and I make no apology for using her words instead of my own in this blog.  I will return to this subject from time to time and look forward to your contributions. 

Marilyn Jeffcoat


2nd June 2017

Art Can change perceptions.jpg

The Point Of Art  by Kate Enters

The Point of Art must start with the artists:

Putting aside the aesthetics of the natural world, it is interesting to consider that without the vision and passion of artists there would be no art in the world. And the term ‘artist’ is a loose one. The paintings of cavemen, the tentative exploration and excitement of colour as a child and the aesthetic visions of an architect or fashion designer for example are all ‘art’ created by ‘artists’.

There was a reason the cavemen captured the world around them on their walls. This visual engagement and sharing of stories is a human trait and it is hard to imagine a world without this. Art is vital in its role in offering a balance and quite often an answer or challenge to the alternative non-creative worlds within society.

A healthy debate can arise around art that informs, celebrates and challenges society and does so in a ‘language’ that does not need a traditional form of translation. This makes it universal and this universal language is one to be celebrated and nurtured. Artists therefore in all walks of life and worlds need to be supported to ensure they can create, and exhibit without compromise to artistic exploration and development.

This freedom creates art that can celebrate a moment of beauty, or a personal conviction, or a reflection of a moment in time that resonates. Art can be purely an aesthetic vision, a gentle solace to the madness of the world, or it can be a challenge to societal unrest that can provide unity in thinking and familiarity that combats solitary worries, or it evokes an emotion that is purely individual and as such enables a conversation.

Historically the vibrancy and impact of artists within society has been prominent in capturing and recording key l 2017moments in history and time. They offer a chronological visual map of humanity that again needs no translation. All ‘art’ is therefore still valid and artists within society offer a diverse cross section of the world that is unique. They cross boundaries as well as time and this, in my mind, is the Point of Art.

April 2017