Plus ça Change, arrival of our new piano!

Our new piano is arriving on Tuesday (27th June), and the Bechstein is being put out to grass, and will be given a good and loving home with our own John Cassels.  

It is very sad to lose our old piano – but this is not the first time the Club has had to deal with such a sad event.

Club Member Mollie Marcellino has recently come across a book of poems by a former President, J.W Herries, which includes a poem about the Scottish Arts Club piano (pictured below)

It is not clear when exactly the poem was written, but Mr Herries was President from 1950-52.

I am afraid your current President is not blessed with the poetic muse, but if any member feels moved to write an ode or a ditty or a sonnet to our Bechstein, it will be gratefully received and will feature on a future web page.  We could even set up a ‘Poets Corner’ so that more of our activities can be celebrated in verse.

We Value the Arts

I wanted to say a bit more about what the Scottish Arts Club is about and turned to the computer for a copyright -free image about the Arts. This was the first that came up and was so appropriate that I looked no further.

It is easy to say we value the arts, but in practical terms what should that mean?  The Club provides opportunities for painters, writers, musicians and performers at all levels, to work on their art and to display it, but how does a professional artist earn a living if we do not pay them.  Even using images such as this one is taking advantage of someone’s creativity and good nature.   We are lucky that so many people are willing to speak to us, and perform for us, but even our ‘free’ events still involve the use of the building and staff which has to be paid through the membership fee.  It is easy to ask what value you get from your fee, but at least some of it is to enable art to happen: where the benefit is indirect rather than direct.   

People come to the Club to explore and enjoy the arts, but it is also a sort of filling station (not just for food and drink) but also a place where we come to absorb ideas and news about art going on around us. As part of this, we arrange trips and collaborations with other organisations, such as the visit last week to the Dean Gallery and the visit of the young musicians from St Mary’s Music School.  

As our building gets busier we need to reach out beyond it.  Our members have connections throughout the world of the arts. Do share these experiences with us. Alert us to the new, and remind us of the old, and if the event is not in Edinburgh, or not in the Club, get a group together to go.   We have a facility for anyone to write a member’s blog – just send the text – preferably in doc format, and, if possible an image to the office;

It is here where you can also write reviews of events we have held:  this is the least we can do to thank those who have given up their time to share their talents with us and this is will become our future archive. 

Help show that the Club is alive and active. We are looking for reviews of the amazing Retro Saturday event, the playing out of the Bechstein, the talk by Thomas Podd of Sothebys, the open evening for Women in the Arts in Scotland, the 1947 lunch (and that is just one week!)

A team of regular reviewers would be best. Don’t be shy.   Show how we value the arts and encourage others to join us.