Edinburgh 2017 Festivals - spotlights

The Club has been fortunate to host some brilliant shows. Our Fringe in a Day showcased 20 acts, including Melanie Gall a fantastic Canadian singer who has several shows in the Fringe, featuring Piaf and Brel, Vera Lynn and a children's show called Jazzcat.  There were excerpts from a play called Scribble, and two young men from lNew York gave us a taster of their show Trumpus Interruptus.

Then we come to ClubFest - 24 Rutland Square is venue 310 and the theme is definitely Canadian-  Ron Davies with SymphRonica an 8 piece orchestra playing jazz fusion, Daniella Nardi with her tribute to the Italian singer Paulo Conti, and then there are the poetry readings called Shaken and Stirred with five Canadian poets, including the Parliamentary Poet Laureate, George Elliot Clark. This short blog cannot do them justice - do look at the reviews and come and see them for yourself.

You have unfortunately missed the offering from our own members, David Purdie and David Ingram. I am therefore illustrating this blog with a sketch by Stuart Campbell of David Ingram in action. He is sitting, it is true, but he is reading, and what a tour de force as usual from the two Davids.  The Four Horsemen of the Enlightenment were brought to life with an entertaining mixture of anecdote and erudition, and the many images were both fascinating and informative.  





The tale of Two Pianos

You will realise that our 'darling brown Bechstein' is still with us and that the new piano is still in the dining room.

Having asked the most experienced piano removal company in Edinburgh (if not the world!) we have been convinced that the pianos cannot be taken up and down the stairs without removal of the stair lift.     The stair lift company have quoted a figure just short of £1,000 to dismantle the rail and reinstall it.  It is not as simple as undoing a few bolts, and will requires re-programming and testing when it is reassembled.

The piano removal company tells me that putting the pianos through the window would be cheaper and are coming up with a proposal.

Everyone involved is aware that this has to be done by the end of next week in order to be ready for the festival.