'Meeting Jim'

Jim Haynes, a distinguished former member, is in Edinburgh next week to receive an honorary doctorate from Napier University. 

The Film House has two showings of the film Meeting Jim - at 5.40 on Saturday 23rd and at 6.20 on Sunday 24th. 

Jim himself is as feisty as ever but a bit frail. He will therefore be preparing for the degree ceremony and is not able to visit us as he has done regularly until a few years ago. 

This is a good time to remember the energy he brought to Edinburgh in the 1960s, and his lasting legacy in the form of the Traverse Theatre. His Sunday suppers are a legend and still happen every Sunday in Paris. 

For new members or those who were not around in the sixties, Google him!   


We have some archive material which will be displayed for a week or so in the Geddes Gallery. 

Congratulations Jim and thank you