Collect your artwork now!

Uncollected Works

In the basement art store are up to 50 paintings and other artefacts (pottery etc) which have been abandoned or forgotten.

From next week, they will be displayed in the studio in a last attempt to reunite them with their owners.  We shall also be displaying them on the website and where we have the information, will be contacting members directly.

From 20th September 2017, we shall be starting a ‘silent auction’ for works that are still unclaimed. At that stage, If owners come forward, the work would be taken off the market. However, on 30th September remaining works will be sold to the highest bidder or otherwise disposed of.

Part of the space released by this exercise will be used for the proper storage of our important archive material. Susan Bruce, a trained archivist is currently working on the archive and is thrilled at what she is finding hidden away in various corners of the Club. Rescuing and rebuilding our archive is part of the 150th anniversary project and we shall shortly be appealing for help in filling the gaps.



Not to be out-done....

While visitng the Club earlier this month, the acclaimed American photographer Nancy Ellison, gifted to the Club a portrait named 'Hume as Olympia'.  Hume is the Hollywood actor Cronyn Hume who some may know, is married to Oscar winning actress Jessica Tandy.  When Nancy told the couple of our delight at receiving the artwork, it stirred the competitiveness in Jessica and she has insisted that Nancy send to us 'Jessica at Waterloo'.  Both works are fabulously eccentric and amusing and both appreciated by the Scottish Arts Club.

Tandy, Jessica by Nancy Ellison.jpg

A Gift From a Visitor from the Century Club in New York

This week, the Scottish Arts Club was delighted to welcome from the Century Club in New York, the distinguished photographer Nancy Ellison who generously gifted to us one of her photographs, ‘Hume as Olympia’. 
This artwork references Edouard Manet’s 'Olympia' (1856), replacing the nude female courtesan with esteemed actor Hume Cronyn. Whereas the original was painted to arouse curiosity in the social mores of the day, the modern-day photograph was borne out of a comment made by Hume. As his wife, Jessica Tandy, an equally distinguished actor, was enjoying the celebrity of winning an Oscar, he commented that he felt entirely upstaged and like a mere courtesan. 
The Club is making plans to display this generous gift appropriately.