The office staff are celebrating our new carpet, for which we are very grateful.  Many thanks to Mike, Sona and Brian for their hard work in uplifting the old one and laying the new.  We feel like we're walking on air!

Newness is all around at the moment. I'm thrilled by the sun at last showing itself in Edinburgh; the Club garden is blossoming (while being a work in progress: aren't garden by their very nature a constant work in progress?) and in my office work, we are renewing various contracts and policies.  June has become a launch pad for new plans, ambitions and projects and I have a feeling of expectation as we embrace the summer.  

We are looking forward to the installation of the new sink in the Studio.  I can't help but be  amused and delighted at how much joy the expectation of a new 'kitchen sink' can bring.  August is fast approaching and as well as annual holidays, which are always rejuvenating, the start of ClubFest and the flood of events and activities at the Club, are much anticipated.  

I hope you continue to enjoy Club life in this new season.  If I can help ease you into it in any way, please telephone or email.

Best wishes         Valerie