It pays to say thank you.......

As a child, I was taught to say thank you.  As an adult, I now recognise the bountiful benefits to all concerned, which can be reaped by simply saying 'thank you'.  I am acutely aware that a huge amount of work by the Members of this Club goes unrecognised.  To the event organisers, the 'behind the scenes' Trojans, the sign makers, the gardeners, the generous donators, the supporters, the encouragers, the performers and to all those people who I am utterly unaware of, who enrich the life of this Club - I say a huge thank you. 

Science tells us that both those who thank, as well as those who are thanked are happier, healthier and more productive people.  I know myself that I work better when I feel supported, appreciated and encouraged.  This week, our President wrote a thank you letter to Nancy Ellison for her generous and unsolicited gift of her work name 'Hume as Olympia.  You can see a copy of this picture under 'Other items of interest' on this website.   Nancy's response to that letter was to send  a similarly eccentric and humorous example of her work; a portrait of the Oscar winning actress and wife of Cronyn Hume, Jessica Tandy, named 'Jessica at Waterloo'.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

This fabulous gift was not sought for, but is giving much delight to all who see it.


Tandy, Jessica by Nancy Ellison.jpg