I may never get a tattoo.....

I may never get a tattoo but if I did, I’ve often mused that it would say “Change your world by changing your mind”

In the office, we are going through a process of change at the moment; from the momentous to the trivial; new President, new Council, new faces, new personalities, new website, new Facebook page, new printer (thanks Kevin), Instagram (what is that?), new expectations, new skills required…..

The list goes on.

 I didn’t like it at first.  I’d only just become confident in my job and then this?

I’ve changed my mind.  I refuse to be disempowered by a fear of new things. 

I can’t wait to hear the new piano.




Getting to know us

Down in the bowels of the Club, there's a team working hard to ensure that all that goes on overhead, flows as seamlessly as possible. While Jay skillfully organises the many and varied events which take place in the Club; Kevin is our invaluable 'Man Friday'; the amazing Yongmei ensures that we enjoy a sparkling clean environment from the Studio to the kitchen and I, Valerie, am the proverbial 'can of oil' that hopes to allow all these bits and more,  to move smoothly around each other.  

Should you want to phone me, I'm available from 10am to 2pm Tuesday to Friday.  Alternatively, you can email me on office@scottishartsclub.co.uk.  I will try to answer questions on anything from Membership to events.  If I can't help you, I can find someone who will.