Harmonious Clubroom

Let's Make Music on 9th June 2017

Together with some 30 other Members and Guests I thoroughly enjoyed the second session of the ‘Let’s Make Music’ series in the Club-Room on Friday night.  Thanks to Issy Baxter, we were treated to a programme of (mainly) Scottish folk-music from Issy and her three friends, the talented musicians who comprise ‘GOG’ (pictured).  We also welcomed back the very entertaining Barber Shop quartet ‘Strop’ whose close-harmony was almost, but not quite, replicated by the audience as they accompanied Issy and GOG in various choruses and refrains.

The quality of the audience participation was not at all hindered by our President winning the first ‘Wee Projects’ draw and immediately re-investing her winnings in voice-lubricant for the assembled company.  Thanks Marilyn!

Brian Blundell

p.s.  not to forget the delicious pies from Jock’s Pie shop in the Grassmarket!