For just around £11 a week for full membership, the Scottish Arts Club provides an enjoyable and friendly environment for social and artistic activities throughout the year. We offer individual and couple memberships as well as special rates for under-35s and business/group memberships for three or more and five or more people. Download a PDF about our membership packages, and why to join, here, and explore the website to see all the things that you could enjoy at the Club.

To join The Scottish Arts Club, prospective new members can simply fill out the form below. Current members can print off a Nomination for Membership Form here.

Membership rates

  • Resident (individual) Annual £494. Monthly £41.20.

  • Joint resident (for two people) : Annual £778. Monthly £64.90.

  • Non-resident (individual): Annual £358. Monthly £29.80.

  • Joint non-resident (for two people): Annual £531. Monthly £44.30.

  • Young person (Under 35 years): Annual £120. Monthly £10.00.

  • Group (for 5 or more) per person: Annual £324. Monthly £27.00.

  • Overseas: Annual £170.

Apply for membership by filling out the form.

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Scottish Arts Club

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Telephone: +44 (0)131 229 8157