Why join?

The Club provides an enjoyable and friendly environment for social and artistic activities throughout the year. For just £11 a week for full membership, the following can be enjoyed:

  • An excellent meeting place in the centre of Edinburgh for you and your friends in the Club Room and Bar and the Dining Room
  • Excellent food prepared by Chef Steve Morton for both informal lunches with friends and formal dinners (see Dining Room)
  • An exciting annual calendar of events with art exhibitions, music recitals, talks, poetry and writing, readings, etc. (See Exhibitions, talks, recitals and entertainment)
  • Opportunities to celebrate and support Scottish artists through the annual awards programmes in painting, theatre and writing. (See Awards)
  • A wide range of studio activities including life drawing, water colours, oil painting, textiles and many more for both beginners and experts (see Classes, workshops and groups)
  • A chance to develop new skills in one of the regular classes
  • Regular and engaging meetings for writers, opera lovers, bridge, drama
  • A place to enjoy Fringe performances and a location to relax between performances (see Clubfest)
  • Trips abroad to locations of artistic interest

A Nomination for Membership Form can be printed off from here.

Events for Members are either free or at considerably reduced prices compared with non-Members.

Visitors are welcome to visit the Scottish Arts Club as guests of a member for lunch, to see an exhibition, for a recital or for any social or arts-related event. If you are a first time visitor, then please contact the office by email or phone and we will be delighted to give you a tour or invite you to an event of your choice. Members of the public are welcome to visit the monthly art exhibitions between 10.30 am and 5 pm from Tuesday to Friday

Not sure? Try a 'taster' 

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A popular way to learn about the Scottish Arts Club and its activities is the Arts Club Experience, which provides an introductory 3-month membership at a fixed fee. The Temporary Member pays a non-returnable fee of £120 but you can spend this within the Club on food, drink, events and activities. At the end of the period, you can decide whether to join as a Full Member.

Membership options

A range of membership options are available. The standard membership is either resident or non-resident (a reduced fee for those living further than 25 miles from the Club). A group membership offers attractive discounts for three or more people who are members of another organisation, society or business and who join concurrently. There are also overseas membership  and student and young person (under 35) membership, both at reduced fees.


We offer individual and couple memberships as well as special rates for under-35s and business/group memberships for three or more and five or more people.

Read about our membership packages and explore the website to see all the things that you could enjoy at the Club.

Get in touch to find out more.

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Scottish Arts Club

24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh,           EH1 2BW,  United Kingdom    

Telephone: +44(0)131 229 8157           Email: office@scottishartsclub.co.uk


The advantages of business membership

 Why your business should join our Club

Lunching:  Take clients and customers for lunch in our prestigious building in the tranquil heart of the West End. Speak confidentially at a quiet table at the rear of the dining room, or if you prefer or are alone, join the Club tables for a convivial lunch, meeting new or old friends.

The Club provides good food at reasonable prices, which would alone justify the membership fee. We have waiter service, and a private cellar facility  so that your favourite wines are available whenever you eat at the Club.

Dining: Book our dining room for an evening meal for up to 40 people. Discuss your requirements with our chef Steve Morton, who is building a major reputation in the city. With pre-dinner drinks in the Club Room it will feel like a private restaurant to which you have exclusive access.   Use it for your company birthday party, launching a new product, celebrating success.  

Meetings: The Club can provide meeting spaces of different sizes, for 6 people up to 60.   Room hire is free to members. 

Networking: The Club includes members from all walks of life, not just artists and writers, but also architects, scientists, engineers, accountants and lawyers. Our retired members have years of valuable experience, in some cases gained internationally. 

Talks and events: The Club holds regular talks, events and dinners with invited guests. The most popular are for members only, but for most you would be able to bring a guest or colleague.  Subjects range widely and are not confined to a narrow definition of art.  Speakers have included Alexander McCall Smith, Ian Rankin and Ruth Davidson.   

Team building and conferences: The Club is normally closed on Mondays, so the whole building is available for exclusive use. This could include theatre style seating for talks, projection facilities, break-out rooms in the studio and reading room, and formal or informal catering.  

 Personal interests: All the above is fairly standard for a city-centre venue.  What we offer in addition is the chance to pursue a dream: to paint, to write, to explore the opera repertoire, start a collection of art.   You can meet artists and writers, performers and composers.  Learn about aspects of the arts that may have interested you when you were younger, but have been put on hold while you have followed your career.    

Road trips: In recent years we have visited Prague, Paris, Barcelona and Florence, and 15 members went to the Wexford Opera Festival in 2016. Using contacts and personal knowledge, the tours were of a range and quality that normally costs thousands.        

 Reciprocal clubs: The Scottish Arts Club has reciprocal arrangements with four clubs in London. These can be used on visits to London on production of a letter of introduction from our President.   There are also 30 clubs worldwide who will welcome members of the Scottish Arts Club.

The offer:  Licensing regulations mean that members have to be named individuals, not companies or organisations. Apart from single membership at £41.20 a month, we offer joint membership (two people at the same address) for £34.50 each, and five or more at £27 a month each. Rates for non-resident members are further discounted.  Guests can be brought to most events.  


Membership rates

  • Resident  (individual)  Annual £494  Monthly £41.20
  • Joint resident (for two people) : Annual £778 Monthly £64.90
  • Non-resident (individual):  Annual £358   Monthly £29.80
  • Joint non-resident (for two people): Annual £531  Monthly £44.30
  • Group (for 5 or more) per person: Annual £324  Monthly £27.00
  • Overseas: Annual £170
  • Young person (Under 35 years): Annual £120


class_april2017 005.jpg