Prices from £195 to £4,000

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We are delighted to present a sublime collection of new work by Jim Dunbar.

Jim was born on 18 February 1949 in Mission Mambasa, deep in the Ituri rain forest of Democratic Republic of Congo, where his parents were evangelical missionaries. He spent most of his childhood in DRC between mission stations Alambi and Mambasa, with occasional stays in UK and USA.

Jim studied drawing and painting at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, between 1967-1973; he took some time out of his studies to return to missionary work.

Between 1977 – 1999 Jim taught in various schools in Angus, Scotland as both assistant and Principal Teacher of Art and Design. Since his retirement he paints full time. In both watercolour and oil painting, Jim always uses a reference, either working on site in the landscape or with a set-up in the studio as with a still-life or portrait. If he requires further references for a work, he will make studies both in colour and b/w from source and refer to in the studio. He very rarely uses photographs.

Jim was elected a member of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour in 2007. Having previously served as Vice President (East) he was elected President in October 2016. In 2013 he was elected an Associate of the Royal Watercolour Society and became a full member in 2015. Jim was elected a member of the Royal Glasgow Institute in 2013. He is also President of the Scottish Riley Enthusiasts, a classic car club. Designing and building Pre-war Riley “special” sports cars allows Jim to put his skill as a sculptor to good use in metalworking. (

He is married to Laura, and has three children and six grandchildren. He currently lives and works in Carnoustie, Scotland.

Derelict Gate, Boddin, W 120 X H 92 ,Oil on Linen, £4,000

Snow, Crombie,. W 91 X H 74, watercolour, SOLD

Auchmithie Cliff Walk, W 64 x H 49, watercolour and Ink, £650

Three Sisters, W 121 X H 78, watercolour, £2300

Summer, Boddin, W 96 X H 76, watercolour, £2,200

Elephant Rock, Study, W 125 X H 63, watercolour and Ink, £1550

Windswept, W 68 x H 49, watercolour and Ink, £650

Innula Majestica, W 99 X H 80, watercolour, £1,750

Stand of Pines, W 56 x H 46, watercolour and Ink, £300

Drawing, St Craoch, W 56 x H 49, Pen and ink, £195

Evening, Derelict Gate. W 82 X H 67, Watercolour, SOLD

Elephant Rock, W 122 X H 69, watercolour and Ink, £1650

Sandra W 99 X H 71 watercolour £1950

Rock Forms, St Craoch, W 121 X H 68, watercolour and ink, £1450

Old Cobbles, Boddin, W 119 X H 61, watercolour and Ink, £2,100

Rosebay Willow Herb, W 97 x H 73, watercolour, £1950

Oxalis, W 88 X H 74, watercolour, £1,350

Strainer Post, W 77 X H 80, watercolour, £1,950

Light and Dark Caves, Flairs, W 56 x H 46, watercolour and Ink, £195

Trees at Ravensby, W 121 X H 77, watercolour, £2,450