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St Andrews Dinner

30th November 2018
Black tie
7pm for 7.30pm


Our national day is being linked with the first international celebration of FAIR SATURDAY, so it seems appropriate for the Club to follow the same theme. Fair Saturday was created 4 years ago in Bilbao as an antidote to the crass consumerism around the American invention of Black Friday, where shops cut prices and mobs fight for bargains in the stores. It celebrates the power of the arts not only to raise spirits, but also to galvanise people into positive action. At our dinner we will hear from Dr John Ennis, a former GP who now runs gallery spaces and Rev.Peter Sutton whose ministers to the homeless from St Cuthberts.

The movement started in Bilbao with ten choirs singing at ten different venues throughout the city, and there were fears that there would not be enough interest. However people came in droves, and the activities expanded to music, art, and dance. This year five cities in Spain, five cities in Italy, Lima in Peru and Bristol in England have joined in and the Scottish Government has decided to celebrate a week later in Scotland so that it follows on from St Andrews Day and opens Edinburgh’s Winter Festivals.

The cost of the St Andrews dinner is suggested as £50; £20 of which will be given as a donation to a charity for the homeless—in the spirit of Fair Saturday. Of course, the £20  donation is entirely voluntary although we want to encourage those who are not attending the dinner  to make such a donation, and if we get 50 times £20, there will be a prize draw - with the possibility of wining a week in a cottage on the Island of Mull.  Please support this worthy cause and take a chance that you will be rewarded with this fabulous prize.