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Neil McCoubrey: Unpicking the Creative Practices of a Landscape Photographer

A landscape photographer makes both conscious and intuitive decisions when choosing a location, the subject matter, timing, and the final composition of their images. More than just documenting the scene they are also attempting to capture and to communicate their own responses to the landscape and conditions, to a potential viewer. When such decisions are conscious the photographer should be aware of both what they are doing and why. However, some elements of the decision making will be intuitive or instinctive, resulting from their experiences, their education, culture or maybe just habit. When decisions are driven by intuition, rather than being consciously made, the photographer may not be able to articulate why the scene justified the making of an image. Perhaps it just felt right but, if so, then why? How does the photographer recognise the opportunity for making a photograph?
This talk is informed by Neil’s research study of landscape photography practices aimed at developing new perspectives on the understanding of the photographer’s image making processes when on location.

After 32 years in the computer industry, Neil McCoubrey returned to university in 2009 to gain a BA (hons) 1st class in Photography. Currently, he is researching landscape photography practices for a PhD thesis, at Edinburgh Napier University, to be completed by 2021. Additionally, he teaches photography part-time and leads photographic holidays.

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