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Pássaro de Madeira: Adam Brown Recital

'Pássaro de Madeira’ presents the musical migrations, freedom and creativity of Latin America. This programme shares the melodies and harmonies of a rich and varied musical landscape. The programme title, inspired by a concert tour of Peru, translates in English as ‘Wooden Songbirds’.

Each piece presents a unique musical world and demonstrates the guitar's role at the heart of South American music. The guitar is Latin America’s best loved and most performed instrument; it has allowed people from all social and economic backgrounds to participate in the expressive melodies and infectious rhythms of a continent.

Adam's instrument, an accessible wooden box with six strings, functions here as a solo orchestra in interpreting Latin American pieces that were influenced by an exciting mix of European and indigenous sources. The guitar provides distinctive insights into the culture of Latin America, in all its diversity.


'Milonga del Viento'-Jorge Morel
'Melodia Sentimental'-Heitor Villa-Lobos (arr. Barbosa-Lima)
'Schottish-Chôro'-Heitor Villa-Lobos
'Flores Negras'-Carlos Ortiz (arr. Diaz)
'Coracáo que Sente'-Ernesto Nazareth (arr. Barreiro)
'Don Agustín Bardi'-Horacio Salgan (arr. Morel)
'Chôro Saudade'-Agustín Barrios Mangoré
'El Choclo'-Ángel Villoldo (arr. Dyens)
'La Cumparsita'-Gerardo Matos Rodríguez (arr. Azpiazu).

Free to Members and £15 for non Members.

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