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Bauhaus Talk

The Bauhaus –a moment in the story of man and machine.
Speaker: Dr James Lawson.

Members: free | Guests: free (open doors event). Please note, this talk is fully booked. Seats might become available on the day.

The Modern can seem a destructive force, visiting obsolescence on the long-practiced and cherished.  With the headlong development of industrialised processes of organization and production, in the nineteenth century, the craftsman was seen by many as the victim.  A sanctuary was required for the preservation of the arts and crafts.  The art school and the guild were given the role.

Walter Gropius and his colleagues at the Bauhaus, founded in Weimar a century ago in the immediate aftermath of the Great War, chose not to lament, but to put to use the tools of modern industry, exploit the economies of which they were capable, and supply the practical and aesthetic needs of the many.  In developing the educational programme suited to those ends, art, craft and modern modes of production would collaborate.

There is an ancient history of dialogue and difference between art and craft, and the economics of production had long been problematical for supply. Quality of product had usually been in an inverse relation to quantity.  The Bauhaus boldly resolved the opposition.

Photo credit:  Nate Robert, 2010.

Photo credit: Nate Robert, 2010.

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