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William Mary McGillion Gillon born Leith 19/8/1942.

This is the second retrospective exhibition of Bill Gillon's works to be shown in the Club following discovery of 300 plus unseen works by the artist.  The Reserve Exhibition is an extension of the May exhibition in the Calder Room.


As a teenager Bill was encouraged by his art teacher Ricky Demarco to try his hand at Art College.
At Art College Bill quickly gravitated towards figurative painting but latterly he had thought of studying sculpture. Both are dominant in the subject work of his paintings. Bill did not always work well with authority and towards the end of his college career found himself in the position of being suspended from college at the same time as being awarded a painting prize. After college Bill taught at number schools including his old school Scotus before settling at Telford College for 30 odd years.  Bill is a past president of the SSA.


The subject matter of Bills work was often very dark and his uncompromising attitude towards showing and selling the work, led to a reputation for being difficult. The family believes that Bill had a stroke while in Amsterdam 7 years ago. His ability to paint or draw was completely destroyed and he has been unable to work since then and has been resident in a care home since.

The nature of Bills illness means he remembers very little of his past life and does not always recognize his own work but if asked about himself he is very clear that he is an artist. Stephen, Bill's son, has assisted the Club in organising this exhibition.