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The St Andrew’s Dinner 2017

A fine dining opportunity to celebrate St Andrew
with the best of Scottish food and drink

The food will be locally sourced, seasonal and prepared by our own chef, Steve Morton.  
To compliment the food, we will have paired whiskies delivered with tutorials from whisky expert Vic Cameron.
Vic has over 25 years experience in the whisky industry and is the founder of Discerning of Spirits - Malt Whisky Nosing and Tasting Experience and VC Services - Cereal and Whisky Consultancy.
Numbers are limited to 36 to ensure adequate care can be given to the presentation of each dish, and the premium price reflects the quality of the Halibut, Angus Beef, Lobster and all ingredients.
In 832 AD, Andrew is said to have appeared in a vision to a Pictish king the night before a battle.  On the day of the battle a Saltire, an X-shaped cross, which was the style of cross it is said Andrew was crucified on, appeared in the sky above the battlefield and the Picts were victorious. The Saltire, or Saint Andrew’s Cross, was subsequently adopted as the national emblem and flag of the Scots.

Later Event: December 1
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