As President of the Scottish Arts Club, she sees her specific role as increasing the profile and standing of the Club, and her general role as supporting the rest of Council and the staff, in what they do. By the end of her term of office, the Club will be known as the place where the arts meet and will be making a profit.

As President of the Scottish Arts Club, she sees her specific role as increasing the profile and standing of the Club, and her general role as supporting the rest of Council and the staff, in what they do. By the end of her term of office, the Club will be known as the place where the arts meet and will be making a profit.

Marilyn Jeffcoat | President

Marilyn Jeffcoat’s professional life was as a certified accountant in a private practice which specialised in accounting for the arts and for charities, as well as practitioners such as writers, painters, sculptors and filmmakers. She was treasurer of the Society of Scottish Artists for 15 years and of St Mary’s Cathedral in Palmerston Place for 40 years until 2017.

In public life she has been a Mental Welfare Commissioner, a member of Court of Napier University, and chair of the audit committees at Napier University and the Scottish Association for Marine Science.

After retirement from practice she was finance director of an optical engineering firm until 2015 and remains finance director of a nursing home in Fife. She is a trustee of the Strachey Trust, the Edinburgh Romanian Trust and Sound Waves SCIO.

Hilary Mounfield.jpg

Hilary Mounfield | Vice President (Lay)

I have put myself forward to serve on Council so that I may support Marilyn in her second year as President.  She has achieved much so far and the club is a livelier and more diverse place as a result.  A supportive Council will ensure further progress and I believe I can contribute relevant experience as much as my career was spent in the voluntary sector working with professionals and volunteers to good effect.  I have recently come to an end of my term of office as Chair of Art in Healthcare so can give more time to Club affairs.

I want the Club to thrive as a friendly, informal home to those who practice and love the arts, never taking itself too seriously but being serious about promoting the arts.  I am a founding trustee of the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust and I think my membership of Council would develop and co-ordinate the aspirations of the Club and the Trust in that regard.

Barbara Mackie.jpg

Barbara Mackie | Vice President (Professional)

As a graduate of Edinburgh College (1972) and Moray House College of Education (1974), I taught art at secondary level in both Edinburgh and Midlothian. Later in Aberdeenshire Council I managed an arts development team and a peripatetic expressive arts primary team from 1998-2003. In Lincolnshire County Council I was first a business manager and later a scrutiny officer from 2003-2008.

I joined the Scottish Arts Club in 2013 and was co-opted onto Council in 2015, being Membership Convenor and then Vice-President in January 2016 until the AGM. That year I took a sabbatical to study art in Sussex and I have now resumed my arts practice. I exhibited in the Geddes Gallery in 2015 and the Club Room in 2017. I am keen on the life-drawing group and very enthusiastic about the celebration of the Club’s 150th birthday in 2022!

Lynne Hainsworth.jpg

Lynne Hainsworth | Honorary Secretary

Having worked as a PA to the Heads of many companies and public sector departments I am confident I can bring the skill set need to aid the running of the Club.

At the moment I am setting up as a freelance PA to the artistic community so the role of Honorary Secretary is a natural fit. Personally it will be a wonderful way to become involved and to meet the Members. I have always had a keen interest in the Arts and especially the Scottish scene. I am a Friend of the Edinburgh International Festival, a regular at the Royal Lyceum and The Traverse Theatre. I have two Master of Arts in Scottish & English Literature and Theatre Studies and an Masters Post Graduate Diploma in Medieval Studies.


Colin Munro.jpg

Colin Munro | Arts Convenor

Geophysicist, FGS, Oil Company Country Manager (1997-2012) (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Libya, Egypt and Iraqi Kurdistan) based overseas from 1977. Edinburgh University graduate (1975).

Active in Printmaking since 1976

I have been impressed by the broad range of arts activities encouraged, presented and conducted by the Club and the Club’s friendly and welcoming approach. Without the tireless work of Club volunteers and invited participants this would not happen and I am very willing to contribute my assistance to the Club to help further its ongoing Exhibition and Art programme and development of new events.

I see myself as a team player, working with the Arts Committee and the Council to deliver these aims and keep the Arts programme for the Club interesting, dynamic, of high quality and relevant to the Members and importantly attracting new Members to the fold.

Fergus Purdie .jpg

Fergus Purdie | Honorary Architect

Fergus Purdie is a highly respected and experienced Architect with work spanning a wide range of building types from private houses to urban studies.

He established his Perth based practice in 1993 after gaining professional experience with Herman Hertzberger in Amsterdam and Andrew Merrylees in Edinburgh. He has been consistently acknowledged for his high standard of imaginative conceptual design, receiving many awards. The most recent is being selected in Urban Realm "Top 100 Architects”.

His practice ethos belongs firmly to the Scottish tradition, established by Patrick Geddes, in terms of principles, approaches and work methods. He enjoys collaborating with other artists and shares a studio with Arthur Watson, the current President of the Royal Scottish Academy.

Fergus is also active out with the practice. As a Royal Scottish Academician, he sits on various of their committees. Last year he masterminded the exhibition at Perth Museum "A Botanist's Look at the World", the life and work of Patrick Geddes. He is a visiting tutor at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art where he also undertakes various research projects as a result of which he has a healthy portfolio of publications relating to Architecture.

Anna Stapleton.png

Anna Stapleton | Social Convenor

I am a Performing Arts Manager with more than 40 years’ experience of working in the arts, the majority of which has been at a senior level.  My experience includes working in the theatre as a Company Stage Manager, General Manager/Administrative Director in producing theatre and touring companies across the United Kingdom including the Citizens Theatre; occasional lecturing and working in three different national and regional funding agencies including the Scottish Arts Council. 

Although a retired art professional, I am currently a Trustee of The Theatres Trust, a Trustee of Horsecross Arts and a Committee member of the Friends of the Scottish National Galleries.  As a member of the Scottish Arts Club Council, I believe we have a responsibility to ensure the future of the Club in a challenging and changing environment and I look forward to that challenge.

Simon Constable.jpg

Simon Constable | Honorary Treasurer

Simon Constable is a fellow at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health and the Study of Business Enterprise.

His first book, "The WSJ Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter, which he coauthored with Robert E. Wright, was an economics category winner in the 2012 Small Business Book Awards at Small Business Trends. You'll find his work in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Forbes, Fortune,,, the New York Post, the New York Sun, and the South China Morning Post. 

Constable also has an extensive broadcasting background. He presented the Wall Street Journal's flagship daily TV show for many years and frequently hosted the syndicated John Batchelor radio show in New York; the top rated show, on the largest radio station in the biggest market.

Debbie Hayes.jpg

Debbie Hayes | House Convenor

This year I have been instrumental in the purchase and installation of the two gas fires in the Club Room and one in the dining room. I have overseen and assisted a willing team of volunteers to redecorate the cloakroom and have arranged for the chairs in the Club room to be cleaned. I also recently sourced a new fire for the John Calder reading room.

I attend to numerous other housekeeping jobs, such as repairing lights, installing extra sockets, checking laundry, disposing of waste to the household recycling centre, fire alarm tests and fire safety matters, on a regular basis.

I enjoy working with the staff and hold regular meetings with Club Chef Steve Morton and Chief Steward, JoannaStokes (and Jay Cameron before he left ), to ensure the Club runs smoothly and efficiently. I think it is important to be the link between Members and staff so that we can minimise any problems. In this next term of office, if elected, I wish to work with the Club volunteers to improve the entrance hall and the John Calder reading room as priorities.

I am retired and have plenty of time and energy to commit to the post. I enjoy the Council meetings and feeling part of an enthusiastic team, both staff, Members and Council. 

Howard Rose.jpg

Howard Rose | Member (Lay)

Retired rural GP.  I have lived in Edinburgh for eight years and have been coming to the Festival for twenty-five years, mostly for the music.

I have had a life long passion for watercolours, there is very little wall space left in our house.  I collect, particularly, Charles Knight, Hames Paterson and the Norwich School.

Last year we went to the Cardiff Singer of the World competition for the second time.  I am wondering if we could invite some of the finalists here during the Edinburgh Festival. Although I should be revising for my finals, I have plenty of energy to go to festivals and for sailing on the west coast.

I am an active member of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries, based for the last four hundred years in Blackfriars, London, even more venerable than the Scottish Arts Club. The Hall needed huge repair in recent years and I have been repairing and rebuilding old buildings for the last thirty years.  I hope to help the Club to prosper and to continue to be a good place to meet, talk and eat well.

I like the idea of a space in the Club where Members could show their 'treasures', as a rotating exhibition, for example, with three or four objects over three weeks. This display of items could be a stimulus or talking point.

Robert scott Anderson.jpg

Robert Scott Anderson | Member (Lay)

Extensive experience in family office and venture philanthropy

30 years’ experience in international development

Principal current activities

  • Founder and Managing Director of African Lakes Company Limited (2016 to date)
  • Rare Charity (Trustee)
  • Scottish Malawi Foundation (Trustee, Chair)
  • Philanthropy Scotland Limited (Director)

Previous experience

  • St Colm’s International House (May 1986 – Aug 2010)
  • Scottish Community Foundation (Trustee 2002-11)
  • The Gloag Foundation (2010 to 2016)

Lay Member since 2000, with varied interests in art history, design and poetry.  My day job is in international development, funding and leading a small investment company making responsible investments in Malawian companies. 

The Scottish Arts Club has been a delightful space for retreat from meetings in Edinburgh, a home from home with occasional lively conversation and convivial company. I would be honoured to join the Council and strive to engage and increase the membership.