A Message from the President


Scottish Arts Club

Our last 50 years

The Club has asked Michael Hamish Glen, one of our wordsmiths, to compile a short ‘window on the club’ and its activities since our centenary in 1974 when Jack Firth produced a history of our first 100 years.

Michael wants to capture something of the spirit of the club over the last five decades rather than write a historical account as such. The target is to produce the record by 2023, so there is a little time ahead to prepare the contents. However, it’s important to start now to gather the memories of those of our older members who can recall much if not all of what has characterised the club over the past 44 years and counting.

The aim is to try only to summarise the 'history' in terms of major events and changes and not to try and compile a formal history. Michael will have access to the club archives including all the various newsletters and other missives produced over the years in order to paint a picture of the direction the club has taken in these years, not least since we welcomed women as full members.

Michael will shortly start to record (literally) the thoughts of members, long-standing and more recent, their impressions of the Club, what it means to them, their attitude to changes, memories of specific events, conversations, happenings etc so that he can build up a pot-pourri of collective impressions and memories. Exactly how these will be used will emerge from the material collected and is open to suggestion as the material is collected and sifted.

The finished product will not be too long – few will read it if it is – but we hope it will be entertaining and reflect the essence and flavour of our ‘hub of the arts in Scotland’. We will talk to staff, too, and may ask a few members of other clubs for their impressions.

Michael has already spoken to a number of, particularly long-standing members and, so far, all have been happy to talk. He would, however, welcome the help of another member who, as he says, would be a better researcher than him when it comes to tackling the records.

So, if you’d like to contribute in this way, please contact me.